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In corona treatment, butterfly touch..

Relationships are like our butterfly
If you hold it hard, you will die
Leave it and they fly away
And if you hold on with love,
They leave their color.

Butterfly telling the truth
Where do you bring so much happiness?
I live as much as I want
But this happiness diminishes

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Colorful cute butterfly
The butterfly of everyone’s mind.
From this orchard to that orchard
Butterfly flying and making noise.

Butterfly ever drank flower juice
Butterflies that never fly away.
Never sit on a high branch
Butterfly that flutters its wings.
Ramu Jikesh Geeta Sita
Butterfly that forgets everyone’s mind.
But as soon as I raise my hand
Instantly she would fly a butterfly.

Kids fly butterfly queen
Gives you this message.
Break the shackles and play the conch Which awakened India.
There is no doubt that the touch of a butterfly will work for the liberation of Corona.